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»all you need is dynamite« by rirkrit tiravanija (+)


    »all you need is dynamite« by rirkrit tiravanija (+)

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    Madeleine Road fashion film is now published on the Miami Fashion Film Festival official selection page. Good luck friends!

    Directed by  Alexandre ALLAIN, Benoit BARGETON & Cécile ALLAIN

    get the dresses here : http://madeleineroad.com/

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    Glen Keane - The Duet

    Juste magnifique

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    Hoverboard in Real Life!


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    Twenty Eight Feet: Life on a Little Wooden Boat

    A short documentary about David Welsford, who has given up the luxuries of land in search for happiness and adventure on a 50 year old wooden boat he restored from a scrap heap. Featuring music from Bahamas, Acres & Acres and Ben Howard!

    Director & Cinematographer: Kevin A Fraser kevinAfraser.com
    Featuring & Additional Photography: David Welsford TwentyEightFeet.com
    Editor: Shawn Beckwith postbeckwith.com
    Colorist: Chris MacIntosh vimeo.com/55644436
    Post Audio: Craig Sperry
    Producers: Kevin A Fraser & Melani Wood kevinANDmelani.ca
    Bahamas bahamasmusic.net
    Acres & Acres aaacres.com
    Ben Howard benhowardmusic.co.uk
    Salus Marine salusmarine.com
    Grohmann Knives grohmannknives.com
    Lunenburg Boat Locker boatlocker.ca
    William F White whites.com
    Splinter Joy splinterjoy.com

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    During winter,
    when the sky is dark at night,
    she appears.

    The northern lights, or Aurora, are the visual manifestation
    of the sun’s interaction with the earth and it’s magnetic field.
    When high speed particles escape the sun, usually because
    of a coronal mass ejection or solar wind, some of them hit
    the earth’s magnetosphere. The particles crash with those of
    our atmosphere and emit light in the process. The color of the
    light depends on how high in earth’s atmosphere the particles
    interact. Photographing them can be a challenge because of
    their unpredictable nature. This video is a short selection of
    my favourite shots recorded in the winter of 2013/2014 at
    locations in Norway and Iceland.

    The person in the shots at 1:18 - 1:26 is Robert Selfors
    of Arctic Silver Innovations - vimeo.com/arcticsilver

    Music: “Hope” by Lights & Motion
    Licensed from TheMusicBed.com

    Vigra - Ålesund, Norway
    Grøtfjorden - Tromsø, Norway
    Kirkjufell- Grundarfjörður, Iceland
    Arctic Henge - Raufarhöfn, Iceland

    Equipment used:

    Nikon D800 / Nikon 14-24mm / Nikon 10.5mm f2.8 / Samyang 24mm f1.4
    Dynamic Perception Stage One dolly / dynamicperception.com
    LRTimelapse / Adobe Lightroom / Adobe After Effects

    For footage licensing in up to 8k resolution, please visit stianrekdal.com/licensing
    or browse my material available through Nimia: app.nimia.com/profile/stian.rekdal

    If you would like to see more of my work, check out these links:

    WEBSITE - stianrekdal.com
    FACEBOOK - facebook.com/stianrekdal
    TWITTER - twitter.com/stianrekdal
    VIMEO - vimeo.com/stianrekdal
    500PX - 500px.com/plan9
    FLICKR - flickr.com/stianrekdal

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